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PEG, LLC is in its 22nd year as a diverse energy efficiency, engineering, environmental, and management consulting firm operating principally in the Eastern and Central United States. PEG specializes in building energy performance, green building program compliance, building diagnostics, environmental and code compliance, thermal performance, HVAC design and operation, and construction defect. These capabilities have enabled PEG to become a leader in the application of national green building standards and demand side energy efficiency protocols. Operating as a design consultant and “boots on the ground” interim and continuous inspection agent, PEG leads the way in verification of effective planning and real-world application of all aspects of sustainable construction. PEG performs at every level of contracting from commercial structures to residential dwellings to charitable endeavors.

This position supervises the MD/DE Market. Candidate must live in this area to be considered for the position.

Objective: Effectively manage and be directly responsible for all assigned site operations and personnel by implementing and maintaining systems and procedures which will ensure all structures are built in accordance with the Clients Program, according to specified inspection times, within allotted budgets, and achieving company and client customer satisfaction goals.

Report to: Assistant Operations Manager

Supervises: Field Engineers

Areas of Responsibility:

Personnel Management

Recruit, interview, and assist in hiring all assigned personnel.
Ensure the thorough training of all assigned personnel. (I.e. technical training, Scopes of Work, Protocols, subcontractor orientation’s and environmental as needed.)
Conduct 90-Day and one-year Growth Reviews with assigned personnel.
Resolve any assigned employee questions or issues and handle performance problems as necessary.
Minimize levels of employee turnover within assigned personnel.
Continually gather feedback from assigned personnel, discuss pertinent issues and maintain open communications.
Handle personnel terminations after reviewing information with management.
Recognize and reward top performing assigned personnel.
Job performance will be measured on the performance of the personnel he/she supervises.

Start Process

Monitor construction activity to ensure structures are inspected within the established parameters of the Clients Program.
Monitor Clients Program to ensure accuracy and completion of information collected is correct.


Constantly monitor the weekly construction schedule and exceed client expectations. ex; complete all inspections above provided schedule is available.
Provide training as needed to increase assigned Field Engineer(s) use of the weekly construction schedule and align with Clients Program.
Continually evaluate the effectiveness of the Clients Program and make recommendations for improvements.
Monitor scheduling productivity on a weekly basis.
Monitor Client Program for assigned Field Engineer(s) to ensure documentation and inspection protocol are being achieved.
Complete inspections as needed.

Quality Control

Establish and enforce quality standards for reports and final product to the client.
Monitor adherence to all phases of the established client, and PEG Programs.
Assist in the resolution of any client issues which becomes apparent during the management period by PEG.
Ensure the documentation/submission (reports/pictures) of all inspections client/subcontractor are completed and sent in within the required period.
Review and QA (1) Field Engineer report weekly. Complete and review QA report with Assistant Operations Manager. Review and sign with Field Engineer.
Assist in the completion of any program Quality Assurance requirements.

Site Management

Ensure personnel in assigned areas maintain the established standards for the site regarding OSHA standards and PEG personal appearance.
Ensure adherence to the PEG safety program.
Will ensure proper maintenance of any assigned company vehicles or company equipment.
Responsible to communicate client’s job site rules.


Ensure all assigned personnel are maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship between contractors and clients.
Ensure contractor’s adherence to established client and PEG programs.
Solicit feedback and provide support to client for handling contractor conflicts.
Make final decisions regarding resolution of issues.
Ensure subcontractors receive proper training for the client and PEG programs.
Solicit feedback from client/subcontractor on areas for improvement and ways to strengthen the PEG/client relationship.

Client Satisfaction

Resolve any client conflicts during the inspection process, which cannot be effectively handled by assigned Field Engineer.
Follow up with client after “Special” inspection to ensure they understand report(s) and answer any questions.
Review client’s feedback with respect to the Clients Program and implement any changes or improvements where necessary.
Responsible to document any conversations with clients/subcontractors and others in situations where there is potential for litigation.
Ensure all elements of the client’s programs are being properly communicated to clients and established expectations are being met by assigned field personnel.
Ensure all client contact points (i.e. meetings, training) are conducted according to established procedures and documented.
Assist clients with any ongoing issues they have with unoccupied or occupied homes or dwellings.


Ensure all company systems are being adhered to this also includes assigned personal.
Constantly monitor all new and established systems to determine their effectiveness and make improvement recommendations where necessary.

Management Planning

Assist in the planning for staffing of assigned sites based on size and units.
Continually network to maintain a base of qualified candidates and contractors.

Continuing Education

Continually assess the education needs of assigned personal and provide internal and/or external training as necessary.
Ensure action plans are created and followed up for the implementation of all ideas gained from continuing education.
Help develop and improve training programs.

Miscellaneous Responsibilities

Stay current on all codes and code changes and communicate information to management as necessary.
Determine ways to execute all functions of PEG programs more efficiently to improve overall margins and client satisfaction.
Ensure all “Special” files are processes per company policy.
Will have a good working knowledge of the company and the ability to communicate this information to clients and train assigned personnel on that information.
Other duties as assigned by the Company.
Ensure that all Field Engineer purchase/supplies are supported by an Equipment Log.
Coordinate as needed with office for supplies, forms, equipment, etc.
Will immediately communicate any major client issues to management.

PEG, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Veterans are encouraged to apply!


Job Type: Full-time


Employee Relations: 3 years (Required)
Project Management: 3 years (Required)
Home Energy Inspections: 3 years (Required)
Residential Construction: 3 years (Required)

Education: Bachelor’s (Preferred)

Location: Columbia, MD (Preferred)

License: Driver’s License (Preferred)

Work authorization: United States (Required)


Morning (Required)
Mid-Day (Required)
Evening (Required)

Required travel: 100% (Required)

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